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Happy Father’s Day

ImageHappy Father’s Day to all those wonderful Dads, Uncles, Brothers, and Friends. You all have had a great influence in our lives. I want to share with you two stories about some great Dad’s/ Uncles.

First the dad: When my husband and I had our first baby we knew nothing about being parents. While I would freak,head off to the search engine, or call the doctor for every little thing that was going on with our newborn, my hubby would settle back and just let our little guy fret, snuggle, then calm down. This laid back attitude would drive me nuts. Little did I know I was going through my own crazy hormones that happen after babies (no one told me this!). When I would fret too much, my hubby would do the same with me, the cuddles would come on, he would listen and hem and haw when needed and usually my worries would go away. Well now it has been 6 years and one child more, life has happened, most of it wonderful and some of it sad. Still my hubby will let me do my own freaking but he stands firm as the rock in the family that we all head to be “put to rights.” Thank you my love for being the one I can always run to, for being my best friend, and a great dad.

ImageSecond story is about an Uncle: My little brother is huge and the stereotypical macho military man through and through with a heart of gold and has been my side kick throughout life. Our time away from each other started when I went off to college and he went off to the army. School, Marriage, overseas jobs, and deployment kept us from seeing each other that much. But he was still my Dunky Poo. When I found out I was going to have my first child I think he was even more excited then I was, I was more at the freakout stage. It is a pretty common stage for me to be in.  When I told him he would be my son’s namesake he was even more excited.  Well my son came and my brother was overseas at them time. He finally got to meet Kadun when he was just a bit over a year old. Me came, picked up my son, and that was the end of the story it was always him and Kadun doing this or that the whole visit. Now him and Kadun have their own relationship in which mom is not included, but that is good. My brother gives Kadun stuff mom will never do, such as playing on a motorcycle and such. There is a reason uncles are important and one of them is to give your kids a taste of freedom and love that does not come with parental supervision. So thank you Bro for being a awesome uncle and a wonderful brother.


Storytime with Wang Ming

For the last week of school I went to a local elementary school and sat down to read to some very curious kindergarten children. With my book, stuffed panda Wang Ming, panda hat, and crafts we entered the territory of the kindergarteners. The hat was passed along with a few little lords and ladies not wanting to share but like young geniuses that they will one day be they magnanimously shared their treasure. Now Wang Ming the stuffed panda, he was handled with loving care and lots of hugs and kisses.  Story time went along with me reading about Wang Ming’s great adventures while these young minds taught me all that they knew about pandas.  I was taught that bamboo would be too hard to eat, friends are very important, to always listen to your mommy, and much more. Story time was interspersed with me asking and answering questions, being pointed out different parts in the illustration, and told what Wang Ming should be doing. I was kept on my toes by these little lord and ladies. It was a blast.  Next was craft time. With the snips of scissors, smacks of glue, and scratches of markers many new pandas were created in the colors of the rainbow. Each new panda was was christened a name by their lords and ladies, and then I was introduced to the poo poo song. Yep, never heard of it before, but with their little panda masks on their faces I got to see many different pandas wage and shake to the poo poo song. It was a heart warm experience where I got to see these little lords and ladies live out Wang Wing’s message right in front of me. Each of them different, each of them unique, but each accepting of each other.

Messages from Wang Ming


Merriam and Webster say a message is: “

1 :a communication in writing, in speech, or by signals
2 :a messenger’s mission
3: an underlying theme or idea.”  For myself I would agree but on the other hand I would hate to think that my work is so formulaic.  That would have to be one of the biggest insults to a creator out there. I like to think that my mind comes up with these funny characters that would put a smile on your face and then what I believe is important comes out as I write. From this you can see that I am not the well organized author, I am the author who has thousands of ideas running in their mind and decides to lasso one of those ideas and stick them on napkin  while I’m getting my caffeine fix. This is exactly what I am doing right now, lets hope this napkin will be legible so I can put this down in text.  I think there will be many napkins and a note to self  to bring  i pad to coffee shop next time.
OK, back to messages… hmm. The biggest message in Wang Ming The Greatest Panda of the Great Panda is coexistence with nature and between humans. Other messages are a the importance of believing in yourself, love, respect, and personal growth.
Coexistence with nature can be seen through the interaction Wang Ming has with the villager and the villagers showing respect to Wang Ming.  Nature is the main character throughout this whole book, it is the provider and challenger for both animals and village.  Children are wiser than we know, I have faith that they take from this book the importance of nature, and by doing that they learn a respect for it.   The Coexistence  between humans is represented by Wang Ming’s best friends being a leopard and crane. These animals are very different from each other but have found a common ground to live and thrive together.  Not only that but have learn to love and care for each other. Children read this and can relate to the open mindedness of these characters and can bring it into their own lives. While reading they are learning a acceptance of differences and respecting that.  This learning of respect is also shown through Wang Ming having a belief in himself and sticking to values he was taught while also challenging himself and those beliefs to grow into the greatest panda ever.  In the end those my most beloved message which is subtle in this book is love. Love for nature,love for each other, and a love for yourself.

Fans of Wang Ming

ImageI find fans of Wang Ming are usually children btw/ the ages of 2-10 but I have caught a few teenagers enjoy it also. At my readings I usually get parents who are excited about the environmental outlook and cultural input that has been put into the book. Children are in love with Wang Ming’s adventures and the colorful book.  All fans are usually animal lovers as well as panda lovers. At one reading  I had a mother open my book and say “I’ve been there.” It was a great experience to share our stories of the bamboo forest and I knew that she would tell her own story to her children while reading Wang Ming. I am a fan of Wang Ming myself because he represents many of my own beliefs and and admiral traits I have found in others. When building a character you draw from what you know and I hope that by doing this I created a character who pulls into himself  my own coexistence message, respect of culture & family, and a trust in yourself.  Fans of Wang Ming are ones who will appreciate this also while wanting a fun and colorful book to grow with.