Storytime with Wang Ming

For the last week of school I went to a local elementary school and sat down to read to some very curious kindergarten children. With my book, stuffed panda Wang Ming, panda hat, and crafts we entered the territory of the kindergarteners. The hat was passed along with a few little lords and ladies not wanting to share but like young geniuses that they will one day be they magnanimously shared their treasure. Now Wang Ming the stuffed panda, he was handled with loving care and lots of hugs and kisses.  Story time went along with me reading about Wang Ming’s great adventures while these young minds taught me all that they knew about pandas.  I was taught that bamboo would be too hard to eat, friends are very important, to always listen to your mommy, and much more. Story time was interspersed with me asking and answering questions, being pointed out different parts in the illustration, and told what Wang Ming should be doing. I was kept on my toes by these little lord and ladies. It was a blast.  Next was craft time. With the snips of scissors, smacks of glue, and scratches of markers many new pandas were created in the colors of the rainbow. Each new panda was was christened a name by their lords and ladies, and then I was introduced to the poo poo song. Yep, never heard of it before, but with their little panda masks on their faces I got to see many different pandas wage and shake to the poo poo song. It was a heart warm experience where I got to see these little lords and ladies live out Wang Wing’s message right in front of me. Each of them different, each of them unique, but each accepting of each other.


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