Messages from Wang Ming


Merriam and Webster say a message is: “

1 :a communication in writing, in speech, or by signals
2 :a messenger’s mission
3: an underlying theme or idea.”  For myself I would agree but on the other hand I would hate to think that my work is so formulaic.  That would have to be one of the biggest insults to a creator out there. I like to think that my mind comes up with these funny characters that would put a smile on your face and then what I believe is important comes out as I write. From this you can see that I am not the well organized author, I am the author who has thousands of ideas running in their mind and decides to lasso one of those ideas and stick them on napkin  while I’m getting my caffeine fix. This is exactly what I am doing right now, lets hope this napkin will be legible so I can put this down in text.  I think there will be many napkins and a note to self  to bring  i pad to coffee shop next time.
OK, back to messages… hmm. The biggest message in Wang Ming The Greatest Panda of the Great Panda is coexistence with nature and between humans. Other messages are a the importance of believing in yourself, love, respect, and personal growth.
Coexistence with nature can be seen through the interaction Wang Ming has with the villager and the villagers showing respect to Wang Ming.  Nature is the main character throughout this whole book, it is the provider and challenger for both animals and village.  Children are wiser than we know, I have faith that they take from this book the importance of nature, and by doing that they learn a respect for it.   The Coexistence  between humans is represented by Wang Ming’s best friends being a leopard and crane. These animals are very different from each other but have found a common ground to live and thrive together.  Not only that but have learn to love and care for each other. Children read this and can relate to the open mindedness of these characters and can bring it into their own lives. While reading they are learning a acceptance of differences and respecting that.  This learning of respect is also shown through Wang Ming having a belief in himself and sticking to values he was taught while also challenging himself and those beliefs to grow into the greatest panda ever.  In the end those my most beloved message which is subtle in this book is love. Love for nature,love for each other, and a love for yourself.

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