Fans of Wang Ming

ImageI find fans of Wang Ming are usually children btw/ the ages of 2-10 but I have caught a few teenagers enjoy it also. At my readings I usually get parents who are excited about the environmental outlook and cultural input that has been put into the book. Children are in love with Wang Ming’s adventures and the colorful book.  All fans are usually animal lovers as well as panda lovers. At one reading  I had a mother open my book and say “I’ve been there.” It was a great experience to share our stories of the bamboo forest and I knew that she would tell her own story to her children while reading Wang Ming. I am a fan of Wang Ming myself because he represents many of my own beliefs and and admiral traits I have found in others. When building a character you draw from what you know and I hope that by doing this I created a character who pulls into himself  my own coexistence message, respect of culture & family, and a trust in yourself.  Fans of Wang Ming are ones who will appreciate this also while wanting a fun and colorful book to grow with.


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