Roadtrip- Day one San Diego Zoo

ImageTo recharge my own batteries I decided to pack up the kids and go on a 18 day road trip through California and Oregon.  Our first stop was San Diego , specifically, San Diego Zoo.  Wow, it was beautiful. Living in Phoenix we have some great zoos and wild life exhibits but I was not prepared for how beautiful this was.  One of my favorite parts about the zoo is that there are times you forget that you in the city.  They also had great environmental actions taking place, which is near to my heart, and I learned how to grow a garden on a limited amount of water. My son’s favorite exhibits were all the bird ones as well as the hippo exhibit.  A side note to this is irony; I am leery of birds after being attacked by a rooster as a child. For birds to be one of my son’s favorite animals shows me that god has a great sense of humor and is determined for me to overcome this hesitation to embrace all his creatures. It is a work in progress.

For my one year old daughter it was the Polar Bear and the Panda exhibit.  She of course wanted to touch and hold everything and after a debate I gave in and got her the stuffed panda in their gift shop to heal her broken heart about not being able to hold the panda cub:  Xiao Liwu.

My own favorite exhibit was of course the Panda exhibit, after waiting in a long line in which we got to see some red pandas lounging in the trees, takins munching, and Mang Mountain pit vipers eying us trespassers, we arrived. Xiao Liwu and his mamma were playing and with my own kiddies pressed to the glass we got to enjoy the show. There is something so endearing and beautiful about watching these majestic animals interact.  The ending of the exhibit showed Xiao Liwu’s father lounging in his own area.

This was a great place to visit; we spent our day walking about viewing the beautiful animals, exhibits, shows, and plant life.   My 1 and 5 year old were still going strong at 5:30, wanting to go again on the Skyfari Aerial Tram. Sadly, mommy was ready to drop and they had to head back to the hotel to put her to bed.

If you are in the San Diego area go check out the San Diego Zoo, it is worth the visit and you will be impressed. Buy your tickets online through as it is cheaper from their website and makes your visit less of a hassle.  I will post a few pictures here but most will be on my twitter and facebook accounts.



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