Who is Wang Ming


Panda (Photo credit: George Lu)

Wang Ming is a Chinese giant panda. He is loyal and kind. He is best friends with a crane and a leopard. He is the voice for his forest and takes this responsibility seriously, but he still has growing to do until he can have the title of “great.”

When I was coming up with the character Wang Ming I knew I wanted him to be a character the reader would admire and as well as relate to. When I think of Wang Ming’s age I would I would put him to be around the age of a 9-10 year old. He is secure in his belief’s but is also able to question what he knows and is learning to trust in himself. This is the turning point in his life where he will define who is.  While this is a serious point in Wang Ming’s life, his day mainly deals with enjoying being a rambunctious little panda enjoying the freedom of the forest. Wang Ming is the pal you always wanted growing up, the one who would stand up for the little guy but also play with you in the mud even though you know it is not what your parent’s want.  Wang Ming is every little boy just in a giant panda’s body.



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