My Writing Journey

My inspiration to write Wang Ming came through a slow build up of my many years of traveling to Asia and learning a respect for their cultural ethics while also seeing their differences from my western values. Many times the two values would  not meet. I wanted to find a meeting point for both cultures learning from each other; this is where Wang Ming was born. Panda’s are loved greatly in the west and by children in general throughout the world.   Wang Ming became my voice of sharing a mixture of values I was raised with as well as learned, while also sharing certain peaks into Chinese culture you usually only learn if you live there for a while. After having my first son diagnosed with autism I knew I had to write Wang Ming’s story down. I want to share my experiences with my son and children in a character that they could relate to and enjoy. I wanted it to be layered with many different lessons in one story, similar to many different indigenous tribes tell their folk stories (this is where my respect for history came out), so you can read the story over and over and take a different lesson away from it.  I am a firm believer in coexistence and respecting nature and in my book I wanted nature to be the one to speak to the reader instead of humans.   To do this I would remember my visits to china and reviewed my own photos and worked diligently to try to do an adequate representation of my views of nature and how one should respect nature within certain boundaries of one’s own culture. This cultural respect is a central theme to the book that I can say was inspired by my own mother who always pushed boundaries and encourage her multinational family to be unique to themselves and open minded to differences.  I hope I represented this well in my book.


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